Standard Cycle Inc

Hey, everyone

So this bike was being sold by one of my father’s friends who dabbles in bikes here and there. Apparently, he had the bike for sometime and it wasnt selling, despite having halfway decent photos. I had never heard of a brand called Ranger but was told by my father that it was English. Since picking up, I havent been able to confirm that but noticed the distributer decal reading, “Standard Cycle Inc”. Apparently, that was a company out of Chicago but I still wasnt able to dig up much info on them either. I dont even know the model name aside from Ranger. Here is what the bike looked like upon arrival:

I love the color and the decal work (aside from the obnoxious Standard Cycle Inc) of the bike. It emits fun and cuteness. A friend of mine wanted a bike step through frame rebuilt up in this size so I quickly gathered parts for it and rebuilt it up as such:

It turned out great. The bar wrap is NOS from the 80s, the saddle was another Pancho re-upholstery, and the candy yellow chain and freewheel were from

I really wish I could dig up more information on Ranger. It would be great to work on another one of these bikes.

Definitely one of the cutest bikes rebuilt by us.