Hey there

I ran across this bike being sold on Craigslist in Batavia. Turns out it was being sold my a scientist at Fermilab. He rode the bike occasionally around premises but didnt have much use for it.

When the bike was brought home it was fairly dusty and had dry rotted tires and the foam handlebar grip was mostly torn off.

We showed the bike to two people before a student at Loyola bought it for commuting. The first guy who was interested in it wanted something soley for winter commuting was turned off by the one piece crank. The second guy who treated the interaction like it was a drug deal, made it seem like he just needed “a bike” but turns out he was looking to purchase something for a fixed gear conversion. A bike with a one piece crank would not have been a good candidate for a conversion and I mentioned that to him over the phone. So it didnt sell and it sat for about a week until that Loyola student inquired on it.

The decals on the bike are very cool. Sort of late 70s vintage heavy metal aesthetic comes to mind. We gave the bike new tires, new tubes, new cables, new pads, new handlebar wrap, and a new life.