This Bicycle arrived in our garage after being saved by my grandfather from local scrappers.

Im not sure if he gave them a few bucks or if he was given the bike, but regardless, Its very unique. We have dealt with 1 or 2 Puch’s in the past but I honestly don’t remember them. We nearly forgot to finish this bike if it wasnt for our last sort of ‘inventory check’. The bike was given to us complete, with 26inch wheels and a malfunctioning 3speed Sturmey Archer hub. We felt it would be to much of a hassle to rebuild the 3speeed so we removed them, overhauled the frame, wrapped the handles with leftover Cinelli cork wrap. It sat that way for nearly 3 months until we traded a Takara for a fixed gear a few days ago. After harvesting the wheels from that trade, this is what he ended up doing with them.

I really love how this bike turned out. I always found Austrian bikes to be very lovely. I am so glad we remembered because we were able to allocate those oddly hub colored wheels to a bike that accepts them.

They are a sort of weathered set of Weinmann DP18s with formula flip flop hubs. They still have great integrity but they have scratches and some blemishes that wouldnt look good on a cleaner frame.

We also finally found a build that was worthy enough for the vintage Brooks we had laying around. Like so many other bikes, Ill miss this one.