Mountain Bike

This bike was under priced and under worked. Not to say it wasnt in proper working order, I just wish I did further customization to it. After selling it I happen to stumble on another Kona that was extensively customized. Here is what I stumbled on:

Wish I would have done something sexy like that but I was still pretty happy with how my Kona turned out, just kind of kicking myself in the rear for selling it so cheaply.

I sold it to a guy who just needed a reliable commuter. He would have been fine on any other mountain/hybrid bike but he got a hell of a deal.

It sat as a frame for awhile after stripping it. The wheels needed to be serviced and I used city slicks on the bike just to make it easier to ride around on pavement with.

Most of the components were original if I can remember correctly.

Id really like to get another bike similar to this in my hands again to hopefully do some extensive reworking with.