I responded to an add that advertised several bikes being for sale at Judson College here in Elgin, Il. Apparently, the two security guards on campus had been collecting bikes that the students were abandoning after their semesters were over and selling them out of a storage space on campus. My dad and I sifted through their collection but were only interested in a Kona MTN Bike and this Trek that had been rattle canned to death.

A woman who had came across the blog wanted an a bike built by us but really wanted the final product to pop. She was on the shorter side so this frame was ideal. Even though we really werent sure what model Trek this was, we were able to make out the writing ‘Ishiwata’ on the seat tube, I believe. That was enough to assure us that the steel was quality and worth using for a project. It took sometime to get rolling but once I took it over to the project was a breeze…sort of.

Out of the three frames we have had powdercoat for us, this frame turned out the nicest, in my opinion. My opinion is in regards to the color detail that the camera really wasnt able to capture. I really loved looking at the finish. It was a mesmerizing green. The only downsize to the job was their lack of masking. This was the third time I had to have the bottom bracket shell rethreaded, along with the eyelets and the bottler holder threads. Luckily, I was able to take the frame over to a friend who has been working with bikes for over 20 years so he was fortunately able to clean their mess up for me.

I dont want to bash their work because its actually quite good but having to have this extra work done just to reassemble the bike isnt worth our time.

Anyway, once the frame was ready to go I quickly assembled it and took some beautiful photos.

This was the clean and fresh look I had in mind.

I used a set of George’s 700c’s with some CST Super HP tires and a Shimano 18 tooth freewheel. Also used a pair of lovely Nitto bars, Nitto stem, and a beautifully riveted saddle.

The buyer was thrilled. She really had something completely different in mind but was extremely pleased with the turn out.

I am actually in the process of building her uncle a bike in a similar style. He also wants a frame powdercoating.

Such a gorgeous build.