A couple friends and I went to Madison on a whim to get pizza and hang out for an evening a weekend ago and I was able to snag this beauty. Since we were going I decided to jump on Madison’s Craiglist market to see what bikes were out there. I managed to find this interesting road bike for sale in a town just northwest of Madison called Verona.

The bike was set up as a mutlispeed and from what some of the other pictures conveyed, it look like it was well maintained. It had a pair of Continental Tires (Im keeping them) Tange 900 frameset, like new bar wrap, and nice alloy wheelset. I bought it that evening and started overhauling it the following day.

It took about an 30 minutes to just remove the pedals. They must have been placed on incorrectly because it after using brut force we were able to pry off each pedal and inspect the problem. They left pedal was on the right and vice versa. The threading was completely stripped after prying the pedals off so we tossed them. We repacked & regreased the bottom bracket and dressed the bike up with new components and set it up as a single speed.

Most of the components were bought from Yojimbo’s Garage which has been slowly becoming our “go-to-B&M”.

I really like how the Dorado turned out and plan on riding it until it sells. Id consider keeping it but like any other time, I need the money!