This blog was created to archive all the bicycles that my father Dan and myself, Tomas have rebuilt, reconditioned, and have customized within the last two years. What started out as a small interest in simple single speed conversions flourished into a thriving hobby we recently decided to call “Ectypebikes”.

Our operation is based out of Elgin, Il but the majority of our sales are in Chicago. We sell to bicycle commuters, recreationalists, and enthusiasts. We have an obvious inclination towards single speed conversions but we try to bring what we see as the best out of each bicycle.

Rebuilding and selling bicycles has taught us a lot about the culture encompassing recreational, performance, and utilitarian purposes. We’ve built countless bicycles with a focus on functionality and safety as well as affordability, attractiveness and fun! Albeit, we do not consider what we do as a business per se, we do have a strong list of satisfied clients and look forward to help others onto the saddle.

Thank you for viewing this blog and ride safely!

  1. Yvonne said:

    Hi, I was just wondering what your pricing would be to rebuild a bike? My uncle just passed down his bike to me, and it’s pretty beat up, so I’d like to work on it in time for spring. Thank you!

  2. Patrick Cochrun said:


    I was wondering if you have an email and/or listing of your listings for sale. I am looking for a new single speed/fixie

    • Hey Patrick

      The bikes that are archived on the blog as bikes that I have rebuilt and have since sold. You can contact me at and we can discuss a single speed/fixed gear project for yourself. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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