Monthly Archives: October 2012

This bike was under priced and under worked. Not to say it wasnt in proper working order, I just wish I did further customization to it. After selling it I happen to stumble on another Kona that was extensively customized. Here is what I stumbled on:

Wish I would have done something sexy like that but I was still pretty happy with how my Kona turned out, just kind of kicking myself in the rear for selling it so cheaply.

I sold it to a guy who just needed a reliable commuter. He would have been fine on any other mountain/hybrid bike but he got a hell of a deal.

It sat as a frame for awhile after stripping it. The wheels needed to be serviced and I used city slicks on the bike just to make it easier to ride around on pavement with.

Most of the components were original if I can remember correctly.

Id really like to get another bike similar to this in my hands again to hopefully do some extensive reworking with.


I left early one morning to buy this bike from a gentlemen in Wicker Park who promised to hold the bike for me despite having had many other inquiries. It was initially very dirty and needed a decent amount of work. There was a great deal of dried limestone and grit on the rims and surrounding the BB shell. I didnt expect it to clean up so nicely, though.

After stripping, reassembling, and dressing the bike up I was very content with the turn out. It was a 22 inch frame so I was able to ride it semi comfortably.

It took about 2 weeks for this bike to sell which is probably the longest time Ive waited for a bike to sell since last winter. Ive noticed that the prices of bikes have gone up slightly but the quality and workmanship has definitely remained sub par. There is just not a lot of great deals out there for people which kind of baffled me when this Trek didnt sell in a matter of days.

I finally had a young man from Ireland inquiry on the bike. He turned out to be the best person to own the bike. He had knowledge of bikes and an appreciation for 80s steel road bikes, having rode a few in Ireland.

It doesnt scare me that it took that long to sell but the down season is definitely here.