Monthly Archives: September 2012

My father tipped me off on a lead for a tall framed Super Le Tour somewhere in Elk Grove, Il. My father had plans for the day so he asked me to go out and buy the bike for him. He told me that the seller would be a place of business until 5pm so I had to run out the door quickly.

I met with a cheery cigar smoking gentlemen who had a small warehouse full of random things. Antique smokers, lawnmowers, dvd players, bicycles, stuffed animals (including a grizzly bear head) and number of other interesting items. He apparently runs a demolition company that is able to cease the items at the sites they are hired to demolish so he is constantly stocked with common/oddball items that he takes the time to refurbish, restore, rebuild, and resale. He had a number of bicycles but only a couple were ‘sellable’ because the rest had not been worked on. Along with the men’s Super Le Tour I went out there to buy, I ended up buying this pretty mixte.

The wheels were out of true, calipers needed adjusting, the headset was loose, and the frame in general needed a good cleaning but it only ended up being an hour of work so it wasnt a bad buy at all. New tubes, cables housing, regreasing, and slapped a nice brown leather reupholstered saddle.

I toyed with the idea of getting it converted to single speed but figured Id save myself the work and hassle of getting the rear redished and the other expenses that go into conversions.

I really love the champagne color alongside the nice browns. Such a nice autumn feel.

I told the seller about the hobby that my father and I have and that we dont mind buying non-functioning bikes. Hopefully we can start a business relationship in the future. Not sure how this winter season will pan out as far as the demand of bikes but Im confident that I will still be relatively busy.