Schwinn Sprint

My father had bought two frames at the beginning of the summer that he intended on rebuilding up much sooner than later. Ended up not being able to focus on them because of our workload pulling us elsewhere so the frames sat.

Both of them were very summery frames that I wish we could have gotten to earlier but luckily were able to build the turquoise Sprint within August.

Nothing too special went into the execution of the build. Used a set of 27inch Araya’s George had redished and went with an appropriate color scheme that complimented the frame.

It sold almost instantly, partially because, in my opinion, there has been a serious drought of functional, attractive, affordable bikes on the market lately. Because of that, our bikes have been selling within a couple hours of being posted online.

We hope to rebuild the yellow Schwinn soon, before the allurement of summer colored bikes falls into autumn.


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