Monthly Archives: August 2012

I had bought this bike for a taller guy who needed a bike to perform triathlons more efficiently. He desperately needed a road bike of some sort because he was using his mountain bike to compete! Luckily I found him a Sirrus in his size.

The bike needed some care. New cables, chain, tires, brake pads, and a good wash. I was able to do most of it on the fly for him, he needed to train.

The frame fit him perfectly. He was finally able to train appropriate for that phase of the event and was very thankful for my help.

It was a pretty attractive bike as well. Glad I got to work on a second Sirrus.


I bought this bike of a young guy in Elgin who had the bike as a commuter for a couple months. It looked as if there was some work done to it, sporting a Sugino BT crank and Weinmann Wheels. It was fairly clean upon purchase but obviously needed a face lift.

I kept a great deal of the components on the bike. Just stripped it down, cleaned it, regreased and reassembled. Some new components/accessories but mostly just cosmetics.

Turned out very nice. Had a couple people who were interested in it but went with the most adamant. Yet another guy who needed a replacement bike because his was stolen.

Chicago has been hit was a lot of crime, aside from bike theft. Hit and runs involving cyclists as victims is steadily becoming a bigger threat now as well.

Strange times.

My father had bought two frames at the beginning of the summer that he intended on rebuilding up much sooner than later. Ended up not being able to focus on them because of our workload pulling us elsewhere so the frames sat.

Both of them were very summery frames that I wish we could have gotten to earlier but luckily were able to build the turquoise Sprint within August.

Nothing too special went into the execution of the build. Used a set of 27inch Araya’s George had redished and went with an appropriate color scheme that complimented the frame.

It sold almost instantly, partially because, in my opinion, there has been a serious drought of functional, attractive, affordable bikes on the market lately. Because of that, our bikes have been selling within a couple hours of being posted online.

We hope to rebuild the yellow Schwinn soon, before the allurement of summer colored bikes falls into autumn.

I received so many emails in response to the Fetish Cycles build that I sold nearly a month ago. After it sold, I tried my best to situate responders with frames that were somewhat similar to the Fetish frame but most were pretty far off. One the more adamanet responders, who happened to be a CPD Officer, wanted a frame rebuilt in a similar manner as the Fetish but also wanted it with a CPD Squad Car color theme or rather, the Chicago Flag which looks like such:

I was pretty excited regarding the opportunity to build a frame up with that particular theme so after situating the Officer with a frame in his size, I quickly dropped the frame off with a new powdercoater I had yet to try out.

I went with FreshStart Custom Coatings out of Rolling Meadows, Il. I briefed the owner of the operation with my concerns regarding overspray and other commons slip ups that previous powdercoaters had issues with paying attention to and he was more than confident that the frame will turn out first rate and to my liking. And it did.

The frame turned out beautifully and the bike dressed up so well. I was really pleased with the turn out.

The Officer was also thrilled to see the bike come together just how he envisioned it. He was very excited to show it off to the department and his family.

He told me that he had a brother in law who is a firefighter and that he may want to have a fire engine theme bike rebuilt for him. Cute ideas.

Im just excited to keep the ball rolling with these powdercoating projects. They turn out so good!