Motobecane Mirage

My grandpa occasionally crosses paths with scrapers who usually have at least one bike or two on their load. I am usually weary of buying anything from scrapers, not out of fear of stolen goods, but because they abuse the hell out of what they find. They arent going to treat a bike nicely until they have someone in front of them willing to pay $30 to take it off their hands. And the idea of paying that much for a bike that has squashed between a washing machine and a rusty old lawn mower doesnt make me feel comfortable.

Luckily, the bikes the scraper had sold my grandpa were neatly arranged on the bed of the truck and were all in decent condition. This Motobecane was one of them.

The original wheels were rusty steel disasters and the handlebars/stem were also basically made of uranium. Needless to say, it was a heavy bike.

I had a set of Araya alloy 27inch wheels that I threw on the bike, along with an alloy stem and handlebars. New chain, saddle, wrap, cables, pads, tires, and tubes.

I remember at this particular juncture, we were blessed with about 4-5 25inch frames so it was fairly easy to post one on Craiglist and sell the other frames to responders after it sold.

Another simple and efficient build.


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