Centurion Cavaletto

I had rebuilt a Trek 360 that I had bought from a guy in Carpentersville about a month ago. I rode the bike for a little bit and then threw it back on Craigslist. I honestly bought it because the weather suddenly became gorgeous and I needed something I could kick around on the trails.

I was able to sell the Trek without waiting too long. I sold it to a young man in Skokie who just needed a commuter. He had mentioned that he had a Centurion that had seen some better days and was wondering if I was interested in checking it out and possibly trading it in.

I remember initially admiring the color of the frame but was quickly turned off once I saw that the handlebars were bent, the front wheel was out of true, and the chainring was also bent. But the frame itself had some potential so I honored a trade in and quickly began working on it.

I threw some redished 27 inch alloy wheels on the frame, new handlebars, new chainring & cranks and a slew of other new components.

Turned out nicely. The contrast of white and charcoal is such a lovely match.

Ended up selling the bike to a guy in Lakeview who was also looking for a ride to just scoot around town with. I had used a 16 tooth freehwheel with a 52 tooth chainring so the bike really isnt that tame of a ride. When he was test riding he really gained some speed.

All and all, it was a quick and easy project that turned out nicely.


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