Schwinn World Sport

A young guy by the name of Charlie contacted me through the blog and was impressed with some of the work my father and I have done. He had recently moved to Chicago and was looking for a light, simple, clean, and fun single speed to scoot around the city with. He was on a bit of a budget but proposed an trade.

We ended up meeting and he showed me his Giant NRS AIR XTC Mountain Bike. It was quite the bike. He had built it up with a friend out east where he only did light riding during the summer seasons.

The bike was insanely light. Definitely a bike for the serious mountain biker. We agreed on a even trade for a World Sport rebuilt as a single speed. Pretty good deal…

It did take me some time to get around to selling the mountain bike but once I did, it sold quickly. After that I promptly got started on his build. Turned out to be a pretty bike.

Ordered a pair of Weinmanns from Bells Bike Shop off Ebay followed by a collection of standard components.

Nice, clean, and fresh look. Charlie was pretty psyched upon completion.

It was a pretty good transaction and project over all. Hopefully more like this will come in the future.

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  1. Vic said:

    Bike looks awesome!

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