Fuji Monterrey

A woman by the name of Doris had contacted me after seeing my blog and wanted me to help her replace her sons Schwinn Tempo that was stolen from campus. Through conversation, I suggested building him a functional commuter bike that will look on the less appealing side in hopes that it will be overlooked by thieves. He wanted a single speed set up for his commuter and I was able to whip together a single speed converted AMF road bike for him while I situated his second bike.

We decided on this frame:

It didnt have significant rust ware, mostly surface. A very good candidate for a powdercoating.

I quickly dropped the frame off at the Contagious Customs, same powdercoater I went with when I had the Schwinn World Sport powdercoated.

Like the Schwinn, the frame came out beautifully with the same exception…the threading inside the bottom bracket shell was again over sprayed. I again had to have the shell rethreaded, costing me $20 at The Bicycle Garage in Dundee, Il.

Contagious Custom’s explanation for the over spray was because of the fact that the color I selected was a multistage color, which compromised whatever protective measures they used to cover the threading. The owner at The Bicycle Garage told me that they could have used vasoline or something similar and that could have solved the issue but I didnt look into that method so who knows.

Aside from the flub, the frame’s coat turned out wonderful. Definitely a gorgeous color. My father and I put our finishing touches on the bike and brought it to mike for cabling, wrap, and pads.

It turned out stunning.

Before meeting with Doris and her son I was able to find a few murals on the far west side of Chicago.

Doris and her son loved the bike. It was set up as a single speed with a flip flop rear.

Nitto bars & stem, Origin 8 Chainring, Tange bottom bracket, Wienmann Single Wall 700cs, and Shimano calipers & 105 Levers.

Definitely clean and fresh ride for the kid.

Pretty excited to powdercoat more frames this summer.

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  1. Jay said:

    Interested if you get a bicycle 52cm with clean frame (would look at steel or AL), with higher end components and STI shifters. Looking for upgrade for my wife, hoping she will want to ride more……thanks, Jay

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