Schwinn Traveler II


I had just pulled up to Jewel for some fruit and had pulled behind a truck with an enclosed bed. The sight of spokes jumbled about the bed caught my eye so I stepped out and took a closer look. There were two Schwinn Traveler II’s in the bed, both the same color, model, and nearly the same size (the one below being the smaller of the two). Since the truck was parked I hoped back in the car and began to write out a note to leave for the owner but was cut short when I saw the young man appear. He apparently tried selling the bikes at a pawn shop but was denied so I made him a fair offer and he agreed. I didnt have any cash on me so we made plans to meet up the next day.

My dad and I met the kid and his father at their home which was only 2 minutes away. We ended up buying a third bike, a Schwinn Le Tour, and left the door open for more bikes they may come across in the future.

I began stripping the smaller of the two Travelers but wasnt sure where or not to try and rebuild it as a multispeed or wait out for George to finish redishing a few alloy 27inch wheels for us. George unavailable for a short stint for medical reasons, during which time we focused mostly on multi speeds. George ended up recovering well and was able to redish a few rear wheels for us. I jumped on the opportunity and ended up converting the bike into a single speed.

The Traveler turned out gorgeous. Much prettier than I expected. The saddle was another one of Pancho’s reupholster jobs and even though vinyl was used it still looked great.

The rest of the white components were all provided by our friend Mike in Berwyn, Il who keeps a good stock/selection of components/accessories which always come in handy.

I kept the original crankset, chainring, stem, and seatpost but replaced the wheels, handlebars and obviously gave the bikes new wrap, saddle, tires, tubes, chain, and freewheel.

Turned out to be a real eye catching bike.

  1. JB said:

    awsome bike! what tires are on this one?

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