Trek Soho


My dad had been corresponding with someone out of Rockford, Il who was selling a Trek Soho frameset. I didnt know anything about them, not even what they looked like but my dad seemed excited to be buying it. The seller was a friendly guy who had stripped the bike down and was selling the parts from it before he moved to Chicago. He told us he mainly used it to get around town and after doing more research on Soho’s, thats exactly what they are meant for.

This is how they look like stock:

Sort of a stylish light weight city commuter, stripped of gears. I like the idea of their intended use but wanted to flare the bike up a bit so I decided to use pair of Ritchey ergo bars and stem wrapped with sleek silver carbon wrap.

We used a set of aero 700c wheels that were laced to heavy duty mountain bike hubs, making the bike very appropriate for hard city commuting.

Overall we put a lot of new components in the bike and definitely gave it a brand new look.

The evening we finished the bike, a couple friends of mine (one who did not have a bike) went out riding. My bike-less friend was a perfect fit on the Soho so we were all able to have some fun riding around Chicago. I was able to sell the bike the very next morning.

Very attractive bike and definitely appropriate for the city.


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