Centurion Sport DLX

Hey Hey!

After riding the Trek 1000 entry level road bikes from the mid/late 80s definitely grew on me. After the Trek sold I had a few other emails about buying it and so I wanted to try and fill the vacancy of the Trek with something semi similar. Another bike seller a few cities over had posted this Centurion on Craigslist and wasnt asking too much. Here is what she looked like before rebuilding:

I knew only very little about Centurions upon buying the bike and I only know a very little bit more now, after selling it. Most of the information I garnered was from Sheldon Brown and even his entry on Centurions was admittedly slim. Seems as if there arent too many Centurion experts out there.

Anyway, the bike initially had a bent rear rim so we used a Mavic CXP21 7 Speed wheelset we had that was originally on a Schwinn Premis that has a seized stem. The Centurion’s original wheelset was sent off to our wheelbuilder George to have the hubs relaced for another project.

After the stripping, overhauling, and bathing it the bike turned out sweet. I definitely got some mileage on it and that early index shifting worked with such ease. Like the Trek, I really debated holding on to this one but reminded myself about the Langster sitting at Lucky Brake.

I ended up selling it to a nice girl in Lakeview who actually owned a Sport DLX years prior. It was heavily damaged in a traffic accident and since then she has been looking for a replacement. She loved this Centurion and was thrilled to have found another in her size.

Very classy/sexy bike. Ill definitely be on the look out for another.

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  1. Doug McBride said:

    I actually own this exact same bike (year, model & color). I haven’t rode it for a few years since I took a header over the handlebars but I would like sell it.

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