Trek 1000


My father had bought this bike from a retired mechanic in Crystal Lake, Il. It had belonged to his wife but was not ridden for nearly 10 years. It was still properly maintained and well kept, so when we brought it home it needed very little work.

After going through the bike, we rebuilt it, gave it new tubes, tires, and a new saddle and that was really it.

The bike is beautiful but that goes without being set. It was light as ever really. The componentry was all stock but in great working condition. The Shimano Lite Action Derailluer shifted like a charm and I was able to rip through the trails swiftly.

Before selling to a girl in the loop who was going to use it for light touring, I probably put 60 miles on the bike. It really considered keeping it but I still have my Langster on layaway and I really need to pay that off…

The buyer was very happy with the bike but thats to be expected with a ride that pretty.

  1. hi there! i saw one of your postings on craigslist and was wondering if you had any 56cm women’s bikes available. please let me know if so! the bikes are beautiful!

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