Well, this bike was actually built sometime ago for a good friend. I just have been so busy lately with other involving projects that I havent been able to post this build.

This project actually took awhile to complete for no particular reason. Started out with ordering a 56cm Vuelta frame from Nashbar. My friend, Kati, just wanted a solid black frame built up as a light/uncomplicated bike that she could ride around with her young son with. At the time, I didnt have a reliable powdercoated lined up so I just decided on ordering this frame.

For the price, it was an alright frame. What took me awhile was getting the bottom bracket and headset, as well as the wheelset. Kati wanted a blend of black and red but red is always a difficult color to get right. I decent to just use subtle hints of red, the headset, bottle holder, chain, and housing.

The handlebar set up was bought as a package deal (stem, bars, wrap, and lever). I just went with some George’s 700c single-walled Weinmann’s, bought new tubes/tires, and bought a lightly used caliper and called it complete. Id really need to install a rear for her since she is just riding single speed.

All things considered, it was a very simple build. I wouldnt mind doing taking on another.


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