Schwinn Le Tour


We’ve been so busy with ongoing projects that I am actually a couple days late on getting this particular build posted. This build came to use from someone who had visited this blog and appreciated the work that was being done. He wanted a bike lined up for him when he returned to Chicago. Even though I wasnt entirely sure if I was going to be able to have it done upon his arrival (only a couple days) I told him that it wasnt going to be a problem, and it really wasnt. At the time (and currently) there are still projects that are weeks old at this point that are still active and oddly enough, I was able to finish this in a couple days, mainly because I had the majority of the components needed and the buyer was very easy to work with. I was able to sell him on the project with these two pictures:


I informed him that I wasnt going to use the tires that were pictured but wanted to illustrate what gumwalls were. The actual tires I ended up using were much nicer.

I was actually setting this frame aside to build up this way, which was why it was so nice working with this buyer because he allowed me to build this bike up the way I wanted. I was REALLY happy I didnt have to build this bike up with white accessories.

This bike has such a classy look. I am really happy with how it turned out. The cork wrap was affordable, I had the saddle reupholstered by our guy Pancho, and the tires were order through our friend Mike, in Berwyn.

Clean, classy, and fun.


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