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Spring is officially here! Ive been fairly busy with ongoing projects, mostly build-to-orders but ones that have granted me some freedom to garnish these builds with my own taste. Like I explained in I bought this and a red Schwinn World from guy all the way down in Park forest. It looked like this:

Someone who had been monitoring our blog called me last week wanting to set up a build. He needed a 53cm and fell in love with this frame when I showed him. Very easy to work with and real nice guy. Just wanted something pretty to ride around with friends on. We situated him with this:

The build is eye popping. I love how it turned out. It was by chance that I used the gold stem, it was actually the only one I had in that size. It worked out because if you look closely there is subtle amounts of gold on the hubs and the chain, obviously.

Even though we didnt agree on gold I really think he will like how it ties the bike together.

This is definitely a sexy summer bike and makes me psyched for the upcoming season!

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  1. Joe said:

    Totally sweet

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