Schwinn Continental


I won this bike off of Ebay nearly two months ago.

I contacted the seller and we had agreed on a local pick up. He wasnt in a rush to get the bike off of his hands which was good because I was fairly busy with other projects. I bid on the bike simply because its was close by (Woodstock, IL). When I finally got around to picking the bike up we realized it was a guy who had sold us a bike over the summer, ironically enough.

When we brought the bike home we honestly didnt pay too much attention to it. It sat in the bike rack for about two weeks before we got around to working on it. Initially, I wasnt sure what direction to take the bike. Continentals, like Varsity’s are a dime a dozen in the Chicagoland area so rather than trying to rebuild the bike as some exceptional aesthetically, I figured Id leave it a multispeed with a classic color scheme.

After overhauling the bike we admired how well kept it was. The was little to no surface rust anywhere and the componentry was very clean, almost polished.

It shifted well and rode smoothly. With winter finally breaking and spring on the rise, a nice, affordable, and fully functional bike should be out there. Makes me proud of the fact that we arent just flipping bikes but actually rebuilding/reconditioning them and bringing these bikes new life.


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