Schwinn World


So, while I was emailing a few people about building bikes I got a call from our friend Mike. He told my father that there were a few good looking Schwinn’s down in Park Forest, IL being sold on Craigslist. We looked the ad up and saw a Schwinn World & a Scwhinn World Sport being sold along side a Schwinn Tourist. Since the following day we already had to travel down to Matteson, IL to pick up a few redished rear wheels and a few built wheelsets, we decided to add Park Forest to our itinerary. We went there first and bought the a Red Schwinn World & Blue Schwinn World Sport that we actually had lined up for a build.


We brought both home but not before stopping at Mike’s and buying white CST 700c tires, new white wrap, a new freewheel, a new chain, and tubes for the Red Schwinn. We got started on the bike quickly and finished the following day.

Very nice look to it but I am sort of growing tiresome of this color scheme. Probably because every red bike I end up somehow gets contrasted to white immediately. In this case, I have an abundance of white saddles so in an attempt to get rid of one, I decided to use it on this build and go with an appropriate color scheme for the rest of the accessories.

We sold a red Schwinn Sprint with the exact same color scheme with the same size frame so I am hoping that the few guys who responded to the ad for the Sprint, are still looking for a single speed.

Either way, this is a pretty enough bike to sell itself but I promise, the next red bike I build will have a different scheme. Promise.

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