Schwinn Sprint


I wont this bike off of Ebay from another bike builder in Lake Villa which is about 45minutes away from me. No one had bid on it and I ended up winning it cheap. I contacted the seller and arranged to pick it up from his house.

Ive noticed that most local sellers who are listing their items for auction are more than happy to allow a local pick up with cash. I have ran into a few sellers who are very anal about not accommodating local pick up which is frustrating because sometimes I will win items that are literally in the next town over and the seller wants me to pay $125+ in shipping. I dont care what kind of bike it is, there is no absolutely no way you can justify a shipping & handling fee of that much if it is traveling less than 5 miles away…

Anyway, above is what the bike looked like upon pick up. It was insanely red and almost hurt to look at. What I thought was a red saddle was actually sort of red saddle sock that had a black racing saddle beneath it. We overhauled & rebuilt it and replaced the wheels with our usual custom laced 700c wheels with Normandy Hubs, replaced the handle bars, headset, chainring, chain, and brought new cables and housing into the mix.

The bike cleaned up very well. Definitely an eyecatcher in a better way. Currently there is no freewheel or chain on the bike because we are giving the buyer the choice of selecting a 17tooth or 18tooth freehweel.

Definitely a nice ride for swift commuting or recreation.


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