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I won this bike on Ebay from a guy who restores and rebuilds vintage bikes like us. He was out of Pleasant Prairie, WI and had an inventory of at least 150+ bikes. He was one of the seemingly small amount of Ebay sellers who waved the shipping & handling fee because we were driving to pick up the item. It was actually extremely convenient because we had already planned to drop a frameset off in Zion, Il for powdercoating and Pleasant Prairie is only 15 minutes from Zion, north of the state border.

Upon arrival the bike looked like this and was heavy as sin.

It was also fairly dirty but looked as if it would clean up well. From Wisconsin we immediately drove the bike to Chicago to show to a young lady who was already interested in customizing and buying it. Like many of these “build-to-order” projects, we have a buyer waiting on a finished product so we sometimes never get to photograph the bike upon completion. We end up working on the bike until evening and once its complete, we load it up and deliver it. I only like taking pictures during the day and outside so when bikes are finished at night and have to be delivered that very same night it always hurts not being able to archive them.

Anyway, we brought the bike to her and she loved it. We got specifics situated and took it home and started working on it the very next day. We swapped the steel 27inch wheelset out with a set of anodized alloy Mavic 700c’s with a sharp pair of white dual striped CST tires. She was partial to cruiser handlebars so we installed a pair with conveniently mounted brake levers and handlebar wrap around the gripping surface. We replaced the heavy crankset with an alloy 50tooth chainring, a white chain, and a new freewheel. Slapped a white racing saddle on it and installed new cables, brake pads, pedal straps and called it finished.

The bike was stunning once complete. Definitely one of our more unique and attractive builds which saddened me because I was not able to get a photograph before selling it. A week later I emailed her and she was able to produce the photo above for us. We are still waiting on one more photograph to add to this entry. This bike had VERY unique lug work and turned out to be extremely lightweight. Beautiful machine.



I wont this bike off of Ebay from another bike builder in Lake Villa which is about 45minutes away from me. No one had bid on it and I ended up winning it cheap. I contacted the seller and arranged to pick it up from his house.

Ive noticed that most local sellers who are listing their items for auction are more than happy to allow a local pick up with cash. I have ran into a few sellers who are very anal about not accommodating local pick up which is frustrating because sometimes I will win items that are literally in the next town over and the seller wants me to pay $125+ in shipping. I dont care what kind of bike it is, there is no absolutely no way you can justify a shipping & handling fee of that much if it is traveling less than 5 miles away…

Anyway, above is what the bike looked like upon pick up. It was insanely red and almost hurt to look at. What I thought was a red saddle was actually sort of red saddle sock that had a black racing saddle beneath it. We overhauled & rebuilt it and replaced the wheels with our usual custom laced 700c wheels with Normandy Hubs, replaced the handle bars, headset, chainring, chain, and brought new cables and housing into the mix.

The bike cleaned up very well. Definitely an eyecatcher in a better way. Currently there is no freewheel or chain on the bike because we are giving the buyer the choice of selecting a 17tooth or 18tooth freehweel.

Definitely a nice ride for swift commuting or recreation.