Windsor Super Carrera


My father bought this frame from his friend who had gotten it from her mother in Minnesota. As far as we know, her mother was the original owner. We did some delving into the bike and found out it was produced in Mexico!

These frames were produced in the 1970s by an ex-Cinelli framebuilder who left Italy to Mexico with an intent on starting a competing company to rival Cinelli. The company was owned by the Acer – Mex corporation but was not able to survive having been sold many times. The old Windsors were made with quality tubing & components like the Cinelli bikes but it lacked the intricate lug work of the actual Cinellis.

These old Windsors are NOTHING like the ones in production today. Completely different company making completely different bikes.

The name Windsor is just used for marketing like Schwinn.

I tried my best within my means to rebuild this bike with ‘of period’ components and aesthetics. I think it looks great and rides beautifully.

Definitely a unique bike to add to a vintage bicycle lovers collection.

    • Hey, Ryan

      Thats pretty bizarre. That bike was sold months ago via Ebay to someone on the east coast. Even if someone in Dallas happens to have another Windsor bike, its unlikely they will have the exact components that were on mine. Also, he is asking way too less. If you are in Dallas email that the seller and check the bike out. I would definitely pick it up at that price. Thanks for the compliments!


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