Benotto Classico


I was on my way to Chicago to sell a bike when I stumbled on this bike being sold on Craigslist. I immediately called the guy and was able to set up a time to meet him later that evening.

The bike was very dirty, had a pair of cheap risers with cheap grips, had one front tire that was solid blue and one all terrain tire in the rear. The flip flop wheelset was not true and the chainring was solid blue with an ugly pair of pedals. We bought the bike and I immediately knew what I wanted to do to it.

Removed the dumb risers and installed drops on the bike to give it a more classic track look. Wrapped it with Origin 8 handlebar tape and installed a front brake. Had an FSA crankset that looked good with the bike so I threw that on with a new chain. Gave the bike new tires, tubes, and a slightly used San Marco Saddle.

On closer inspection we noticed that the hubs were actually Novatec. Not sure what grade they were but it was definitely a selling point when we sold it. We were able to get the bike situated the night after buying it and surprisingly sold it the following day.


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