Quentin Sebring Mixte


We obtained this bike couple years before we finally got around to build it. It was probably the first Mixte frame we stumbled on and we really loved the unique geometry Mixte’s possess. We bought it from a local vintage bike lover who buys many bikes from local scrappers. Like many of our bikes, this one was saved from being sold for scrap metal money.

We collected some of our cleanest components and set them aside for the assembly of this bike. I love the look of mixte’s built with chopped & mustache handlebars.

We sold this bike with ease to a young woman looking for a clean and attractive commuter. I was very happy with the turn out but in hindsight, I would have used white wall tires and a white saddle. I have an obvious partiality to color coordination.

  1. Wow, I have never seen another “Quentin” bike. I have a copper/gold Quentin road frame which has been turned fixie and have been curious as to its origins. The last owner also did some research, but to no avail. Do you have any information on the history of Quentin?

    • Hey!

      We have only had two Quentin frames in our possession, this Mixte and another Sebring men’s tall frame. I know that they were once a bike parts company headquartered here in Illinios but I dont have much more info than that. My father has a friend who at one point apparently worked for them so next time I see him I’ll be sure to pick his brain regarding Quentin.

      • jay said:

        do have any Quentin name plates and will you sell them.

  2. Thank you for the Quentin information, and if your family friend has more I would love to know the scoop. My Quentin has been a great conversation piece on rides here in Des Moines, right up there with a friend’s Clubman. Even the most senior members of the bike/mechanic community here can only tell me about the parts company aspect, they have never heard of them making bikes.

  3. Thybromoney said:

    I bought this same bike and wondered about any info about it such a the best year it was made and so forth!

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