Eastman Roadster (Raleigh Model DL-1 Replica)


So this bicycle entered our garage via Ebay. I (Tomas) won the bicycle from an Ebay auction that no one bid on. I only did because the bike was located in New Lenox.

After winning the bike it took some effort scheduling a time to pick the bike up. It sat in the seller’s garage for about a week until we were able to pick it up from him. The seller said he brought it from India, where you find most Raleigh repelica’s aside from China. Here is a photo of the original Raleigh Model DL-1:

My friend Irene was and still is in India teaching English and had posted some photos onto Facebook that I found interesting.

Apparently their floods are no joke

Check out that double top tube!

Riding Dirty?

So yeah, we took the bike home and eyed it for awhile. I really admired the stem and rod braking system:

After a very light overhaul we tried selling it without any luck or interest. I was kind of confused because during that week I was selling multiple vintage Raleighs that I also won off Ebay. I first thought it had somehting to do with it being a replica but I wasnt asking an absurd amount for it. I ended up taking it to Lucky Brake, a brick n motor in Crystal Lake and sold it to them for store credit which I applied towards my 2012 Langster. I stopped in the shop a couple months later and saw the bike on display and a price tag of $350. Ironically, a week after I sold it to Lucky Brake some very excited guy called me up asking about it. I told him what I had done with the bike and his mood dropped significantly. My dad always says that certain bikes will sit for awhile but there will always be one person who falls in love with it immediately.


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